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The Home Report
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Made your decision? Buy now
Made your decision? Buy now

The Home Report

When one of our RICS Chartered Surveyors prepares a Home Report, it will consist of three documents: The Single Survey, a Property Questionnaire and Energy Report.

Single Survey - View example

In a Single Survey you'll find information about the condition and value of a property. Within this report potential buyers will find detailed information about the property they are looking to purchase before committing to make an offer. An Accessibility Audit is included as part of the Single Survey, providing information on every accessible feature of a property. This audit gives useful information for parents with young children, elderly people or those with disabilities when considering their future living arrangements. Using the information from the Single Survey, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not the home you're looking to purchase really is your dream home. If you are buying a new home wth a mortgage, a transcription report on the Lender's form can in many instances be provided, taken from the Generic Mortgage Valuation section of the Single Survey.

The Property Questionnaire - View example

The Property Questionnaire is designed to bring together information that is useful to potential homebuyers, solicitors and surveyors. The Property Questionnaire is usually completed by the existing homeowner and includes information on the facilities and services at a property. This information typically includes details about a property's council tax band, parking facilities, any local authority notices, alterations to the property and the availability of gas and electricity. This information is helpful for homebuyers and it also makes things easier for solicitors by highlighting potential areas that may require more investigation up-front, avoiding potential delays and difficulties in conveyancing.

The Energy Report - View example

An Energy Report rates the energy efficiency of a property, and provides information on its impact on the environment. This Report will highlight for you the areas within a property where potential energy savings could be made, and make general recommendations on energy efficiency. Within the Energy Report you'll find practical advice on reducing carbon emissions within the home, and further advice and information on making a property more energy efficient.

Replacement Home Report

Your Home Report has a valuation valid for 3 months. Therefore, after this time a Replacement Home Report will need to be ordered once a buyer has agreed to purchase your property. You will also need to order a Replacement Home Report if there are any significant changes. We can organise these for you too.

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