Cladding / EWS1 forms: Your questions answered

Got a question about cladding or the EWS1 form?

To get the clarity you need, take a look at this Cladding Q&A published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The questions about cladding (External Wall Systems) and the EWS1 form include:

RICS Cladding Q&A - 700px
  • What is an External Wall System?
  • What is the EWS process/form?
  • Does each flat/apartment have to get an individual EWS form for selling, buying or remortgaging?
  • How does the EWS form factor into the buying, selling or remortgaging of a flat/apartment?
  • If the building owner has not proactively tested the external wall materials, what does the seller need to do?
  • Can the buyer or seller initiate the EWS process if the building owner has not?
  • If the building owner will not undertake the required assessment, what can the owner/lender/valuer do?
  • Who carries out the EWS assessment, what is their expertise and how many experts are there?
  • How will the assessment be carried out?
  • Why is an EWS assessment required every 5 years?
  • What happens if the EWS assessment identifies that remedial works are required?
  • Does the EWS assessment cover general fire safety measures?
  • Does a nil valuation mean a flat is worthless?