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Home Reports & Surveys in Scotland

Since 2008, anyone selling a property in Scotland needs to have a Home Report. The Scottish Home Report is designed to provide home buyers with all the information they need about the property to help them make an informed decision.

What’s included in a Scottish Home Report?

When one of our RICS-registered Chartered Surveyors prepares a Scottish Home Report, it will consist of four key elements including the Single Survey, a Mortgage Valuation, a Property Questionnaire and an Energy Report. You can find out more about these elements below.

When will my Home Report expire?

A Home Report is valid until the property is sold. However, the Mortgage Valuation expires after 3 months. Therefore, after this time, you will need to order a Replacement Home Report once you have found a buyer. You may also need a Replacement Home Report if your property has been on the market for a long period of time to ensure that all of the information is up to date.

Are some properties for sale exempt from having a Home Report in Scotland?

Yes, there are a few situations when a property is exempt from the Scottish Home Report legislation. You can find out more about the Home Report exemptions here.

Single Survey

In the Scottish Single Survey, potential buyers will find detailed information about the condition of the property they’re looking to purchase, before committing to an offer. The survey documents each aspect of the property, assigning one of the following categories to each:

  • Category 1: No immediate action or repair is needed.
  • Category 2: Repairs or replacement requiring future attention, but estimates are still advised.
  • Category 3: Urgent repairs or replacement are needed now. Failure to deal with them may cause problems to other parts of the property or cause a safety hazard. Estimates for repairs or replacement are needed now.

The Single Survey also includes an Accessibility Audit which provides essential information for parents, elderly people or those with disabilities.

You can find out more about the Single Survey here.

Mortgage Valuation

The Mortgage Valuation is for the benefit of the mortgage lender. It is designed to give enough information for the lender to decide whether the property is safe to lend on, and up to what amount.

Mortgage Valuations prepared by Walker Fraser Steele are accepted by the majority of UK mortgage lenders and are valid for 3 months. After this time, you will need to order a Replacement Home Report once you have found a buyer.

The Property Questionnaire

The Scottish Property Questionnaire is usually completed by the existing homeowner and is designed to document information on the facilities and services at the property. It typically includes details about the property’s council tax band, parking facilities, any local authority notices, alterations to the property and the availability of gas and electricity.

The Property Questionnaire is useful to potential homebuyers, Chartered Surveyors and solicitors as it highlights areas that may require further investigation – avoiding potential delays and conveyancing difficulties.

The Energy Report

The Energy Report (Energy Performance Certificate or EPC) rates the energy efficiency of the property and provides information on its impact on the environment.

It also provides practical advice on making the property more energy-efficient and an idea of the property’s annual energy costs.

Replacement Home Report

Your Home Report includes a valuation which is valid for 3 months. After this time, a Replacement Home Report will need to be ordered once a buyer has agreed to purchase your property. You will also need to order a Replacement Home Report if there are any significant changes.

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